Monday, October 22, 2012

Fruit & Nut Brittle

Wanted to give a crunchy start to the upcoming Dushera and Diwali festivities. My mom and me start to make chocolates for all our friends and relatives. This time around we wanted to experiment chocolate with crunchy fruit and nut brittle.

Working with hot sugar can be tricky and if you are careless like i was, you may end up burning yourself bigtime. So please be very careful when you work with caramelising sugar.

I mixed all nuts and dry fruits to prepare this brittle, you may choose to make one with almonds only,hazelnuts only, peanuts.You may choose and pop in the fruit and nut mix of your choice.

Ingredients :

350 gms of Sugar
300 gms of Mixed Nuts
2 tbsp Water
1tsp lemon juice

Roast all your nuts in a pre-heated oven for 8 minutes at 180C. Now place the sugar in a heavy bottomed pan add , water and lemon, dissolve this mix until the sugar completely caramelised and you see the colour change to a honey colour. Now add the roasted nuts, mix and immediately pour the mix on a greased  marble top or greased tray. Level the mix with help of the rolling pin. Please be extremely careful, because this is when I burnt my poor finger with a serious burn.

After this step you may slide a pizza cutter to form diamond or square shapes while the mix is still hot so that its easier to break off the desired shaped when the brittle cools down.

Once cooled break into the desired shape. And the brittle is ready...why wait... just bite into the crunch.


  1. WOW! this is a perfect recipe to enjoy during winters with all the energy and nutrition of crunchy nuts. Can it be stored for sometime?